Middle Tier - East

Between Corvallis & Big Elk Campground

About the eastern part of the Middle Tier

The eastern part of the Middle Tier lies between Corvallis and Big Elk Campground. This area includes the eastern half of the Corvallis to the Sea (C2C) Trail. This section of this website presents the following: Three routes from Corvallis to Big Elk, routes to Marys Peak, and loop routes.

Starting locations for routes in the eastern part of the Middle Tier

Blodgett; Conner's Camp; Corvallis; Philomath; Woods Creek Trailhead; Wren

Camping & lodging

Camping is available in Corvallis at Benton Oaks RV Park at the Benton County Fairgrounds (location map), in Philomath at the Marys River Grange (location map), at Big Elk Campground (location), and dispersed camping in the Siuslaw National Forest. There is plenty of lodging in Corvallis.