Corvallis to Big Elk via Cardwell Hill Wagon Road

About Corvallis to Big Elk via Cardwell Hill Wagon Road

Big Elk Campground is conveniently located about half-way between Corvallis to the Coast. This is one of three routes on this website from Corvallis to Big Elk. Each of these routes climbs over the north shoulder of Marys Peak. They all converge one mile west of Woods Creek Trailhead where Woods Creek Road meets Tum Tum Road. This route uses a historic wagon road on the west side of Corvallis and climbs over the shoulder of Marys Peak using Tum Tum Road.

Essential information

Starting location: Shawala Point in downtown Corvallis. Public parking with a 48 hour limit is available at the lot at 647 SW 2nd Street (see location). Longer term parking might be available at the Benton County Fairgrounds.

RWGPS route map: 35 miles; +3040'; 71% unpaved

Permit needed: None

Seasonal closure: A one mile segment of this shared route is closed to bicycles between the middle of October through the Middle of May (on the Sugarbowl Creek segment of the C2C Trail). A detour is possible and will be described below.

Additional information: Before riding any part of the C2C Trail, check the C2C Trail Partnership website for updated information.

Directions: From just north of the Benton County Fairgrounds, travel west on Oak Creek Road for 1.9 miles. Continue west on Cardwell Hill Drive for 0.9 miles to a gate. For the next 2.7 miles, the route follows the old Cardwell Hill Wagon Road to another gate. Continue west on Cardwell Hill Drive for 1.7 miles. Turn south on Kings Highway (OR 223). In 0.9 miles, turn left on Wren Road and on 0.1 mile turn right on Harris Road. Continue west for 7.3 miles. Turn south on Tum Tum Road and climb for 4.7 miles to the intersection with Woods Creek Road. Continue on Woods Creek Road for 2.3 miles to Shot Pouch Rd. Proceed for 0.6 mile and then turn south on Shot Pouch Trail Road. In 0.4 mile, pass a gate marking the beginning of the Sugarbowl Creek section of the C2C Trail. Follow the trail for 2.8 miles to Marys Peak Road. Head west for 3.5 miles to Harlan. Continue for 1.6 miles on Harlan Road to Big Elk Campground.

Climbing: There are two significant climbs on this route: Cardwell Hill Wagon Road (about a 600' elevation gain) and Tum Tum Road (about a 1000' elevation gain).

Sugarbowl Creek Detour

This detour is necessary from 10/16 to 5/15. This route continues north on Shot Pouch Road and then turns south on Burnt Woods-Harlan Road and rejoins the C2C route at the settlement of Harlan. This detour adds a net of about 8 miles and 300' of climbing to the route.

RWGPS route map: 11 miles; +442'; 35% unpaved