Big Elk to Newport via the Backdoor


I received a report in November 2022 that a culvert was removed at mile 22 on this route making passage difficult, but not impossible. If anyone has an update, let me know (at There may be a bypass. See the map at the bottom of this page.

About the Backdoor to Newport Route

The primary C2C bicycle route arrives at the coast at Ona Beach, which is about 7 miles south of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport. The obvious way to get from Ona Beach to Newport is on Hwy 101. But that would be boring and you'd have to contend with a constant stream of traffic passing by your left shoulder. What if there was a way to get to Newport without getting on 101? Fortunately, there is!

This route follows the primary C2C bicycle route for almost 20 miles. When the route reaches Wolkau Road, it diverges from the C2C route and heads north on a gravel road. Along the way, you will see dramatic views of Yaquina Bay and even get to ride a bit of single track trail. This route is far more exciting and scenic than Hwy 101!


This route crosses land owned by several private timber companies. One of them requires a free permit (see below). As of September 2021, there were not any "no trespassing signs" along this route. The author of this website encourages compliance with the policies of private landowners and federal, state, and local laws and does not condone illegal trespassing. Please refer to the terms of use for information on this website.

Required permit

Emery Investments owns the land from the gate near the Oregon Coast Community College to about 3.2 miles south on Road 200. The Wilder Mountain Bike Trails are on this land. Emery requires that visitors obtain a free permit for access which will be issued upon their receipt of an email that includes a photo of your driver's license (


Ride with GPS Route (one way): 30 miles; +2900'; 71% unpaved


From Big Elk Campground, travel east on Harlan Road for 0.6 miles. Turn south on Grant Creek Road (NF-3109) for 0.2 miles. Turn west on Hilltop Road (NF-31) (mile mark 0) and travel 12.9 miles to 3-way intersection where 1000 Line Road heads north toward Toledo. Continue west on North Beaver Creek Road and descend for 6.1 miles to Wolkau Road. (Note: This is the first 19.8 miles of the Big Elk to Ona Beach route).

Turn north on Wolkau Road. After 1.5 miles, turn left onto an unnamed road and continue 1.1 miles to what may look like a dead end. Continue on a single track trail for about a tenth of a mile to rejoin a logging road. Continue north for 1.3 miles to a gate and a four way intersection. (The road coming in from the west is SE 98th Street). Continue north via Road 200 for about 4.4 miles to the South Beach area of Newport. You will emerge from the final gate onto pavement on SE Harborton Street near the Oregon Coast Community College and the Wolf Tree Brewery Taproom.

Camping & lodging

Camping is available at Big Elk Campground (location map), South Beach State Park (location map), and dispersed camping in the Siuslaw National Forest. Lodging is available in Newport.

Culvert out

As of November 2022, a culvert was removed at this location. It is at mile 22 on the route map, and is on land owned by ANE Forests. It makes passage difficult, but not impossible. The question marks indicate a possible bypass. If anyone has an update about this, let me know (at