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I began exploring the areas featured on this website after moving to Corvallis in 2013. I like riding gravel roads because they are often more scenic, can offer a sense of adventure and new discovery, and there are fewer motor vehicles. In my first years in Corvallis, I met only a few bicyclists that shared my interest in gravel roads. In July 2014, I created a Facebook group page called Mid-Valley Gravel Grinders that has grown to over 500 members. Concurrently, gravel cycling has become increasingly popular, both locally and internationally. In 2021, I created this website to share what I have learned about riding the backroads in our area. I am also interested in map making, and have been creating maps of our area and making these available for offline navigation. I have been a member of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club (MVBC) since 2014 and currently serve as their "Route Librarian" and on the Ride Committee. 


For feedback or questions, please contact: routemaster@mvbb.info

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