Places in the Upper Marys River Area


Beazell Forest: A Benton County park. Park Trail Map [PDF]

Fort Hoskins Historical Park: A Benton County park. Park Trail Map [PDF]

Starker Forests Tree Farms

Starker Forests is a major landowner in this area and several routes featured on this website use their lands. Starker requires visitors to obtain a free annual permit for up to six tree farms. With the appropriate permit, you can park at any Starker gate with available parking (just don't block the gate). Seven of Starker Forests' tree farms are in the area. More information about the following tree farms is available on this site:

Unique Places

"Feuerstein's Castle": A unique private home at 21256 Harris Road, near Blodgett (see location)

Harris Covered Bridge (built in 1929) (see location)

Summit Grange Hall (see location)

Wren Community Hall (see location)


Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike Race: The oldest XC mountain bike race in Oregon, held annually in April at Starker Forests Tum Tum Tree Farm.

Summit Summer Festival: An annual festival held on the third Saturday in August.