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(1) Overview

(2) Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife information

(3) ODFW hunting seasons month-by-month

(4) Dunn Forest hunting schedule

(5) EE Wilson Wildlife Area hunting schedule

(6) Hunting maps

(1) Overview

This page has information about hunting seasons for western Oregon, including the Seasons designated by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, and those of Dunn Forest and EE Wilson Wildlife Area

(2) Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) information

Here are relevant pages on the ODFW website: Big Game Hunting Seasons; Game Bird Hunting Season; Northwest Area Recreation Report; Hunting Access Map. More information about ODFW's Travel Management Areas is available on the MVBB website.

(3) ODFW hunting seasons month-by-month

Here is a "month-by-month listing of the ODFW designated hunting seasons. 













(4) Dunn Forest hunting schedule

Oregon State University maintains a unique hunting schedule for Dunn Forest (see schedule here). 

Historically, June and July are the only months when hunting has not been allowed. There have been "no hunting" periods in early to-mid April and early to mid-August. Firearm deer season has occurred in January, February, March, October, and early November. Deer and elk archery has been allowed from late August to late September and mid-November to mid-December. Turkey season has been mid-April to the end of May. 

(5) EE Wilson Wildlife Area hunting schedule

EE Wilson follows the ODFW hunting schedule, and adds additional seasons (see schedule here). Historically, the only months in which there has been no hunting are: March, June, July, and August. There has been no hunting from April 1st to mid April. The most intensive hunting months have been September, October, and November. 

(6) Hunting maps

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) - Hunting Access Map

ODFW Northwest Area

Nearby hunting units

Willamette, 15

Stott Mt, 17 

Sub-unit hunts

Alsea, 18 

Sub-unit hunts

Travel management maps