The Old Railroad Grade

The Valley & Siletz Railroad operated from roughly 1920 to 1980 between the towns of Independence and Valsetz. Valsetz was a timber company town that was established in 1919 and was decommissioned and destroyed in 1984. The "Old Railroad Grade" is a road that begins at the Hancock Forest Gate about 6 miles northwest of Fort Hoskins and generally follows the route of the old rail line for about 12 miles to Valsetz. The road climbs gradually for about 7 miles and there is about a 400' climb between mile 7 and 9. View a video of the Valley & Siletz Railroad from the late 1970s before it was decommissioned.

Limitations on public access

All of the routes use roads owned by private timber companies that are subject to limits on public access and fire season restrictions and closures. Please review the information at the link above. Hancock Forests controls the gate at the southern end of the Old Railroad Grade. Their number for recreational access information is 503-838-6930. This area is most likely to be open between Mid-September and early July.  


From Fort Hoskins Historical Park

The 19 mile drive from downtown Corvallis takes about 25 minutes (see route). 

The 24 mile drive from downtown Corvallis takes about 33 minutes drive (see route).  

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