Philomath is a small town 5 miles west of Corvallis (with a population of about 5500). The town was named after the Philomath College that was founded in 1867. The name of the college and city was derived from two Greek words meaning "lover of learning". Public parking is available on city streets, at Marys River Park, and at Philomath City Park. Below, you will find routes starting in Philomath as well as a list of restaurants, places to go, and annual community events.


Airport Landing 

16 miles; +1175'; 52% unpaved

Airport Landing Double Loop 

22 miles; +1670'; 42% unpaved

Ervin-Decker Lollipop 

18 miles; +1170+; 29% unpaved

Evergreen Evacuation Route 

17 miles; +1200'; 44% unpaved

Gellatly-Ervin Loop 

20 miles; +1150'; 48% unpaved

Marys Peak from Philomath


Google map of restaurants in Philomath

Dairy Queen

Dirt Road Brewing

The Dizzy Hen

Eats and Treats

El Cruzero Yucatan Restaurant 

Gathering Together Farm (see location)

La Rockita

Ixtapa Mexican

Sissi's Bakery


Vinwood Taphouse

The Woodsman (Thai)