Baskett Slough

Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge is one of three National Wildlife Refuges in the Willamette Valley (the other two being Finley and Ankeny). It lies about 30 miles north of Corvallis. This route begins near the refuge and explores the gravel roads of northern Polk County. There are several wineries in the area. A recommended stop is at Namaste Vineyards for the spectacular views, and perhaps a glass of wine, at mile 27.

Baskett Slough Route

GN203 - Baskett Slough v1 (courtesy of Mid-Valley Bicycle Club)

35 miles; +1425'; 74% unpaved 

Map to starting location: ODOT Park & Ride

Other routes in the area

"Wings, Wine, & Wonder" by Travel Oregon (54 miles; 1800')

More information about the Baskett Slough NWR

Motor vehicles and bicycles are permitted only on the roads open to public vehicle access. Bicycling is prohibited on all trails. The HWY 22 kiosk and Rich Guadagno Memorial Trail are open year-round, but all other trails are closed from October 1 through March 31 to provide sanctuary for wintering dusky Canada geese and other waterfowl.


Wineries in the area

On the route

 Andante Vineyard: 3855 Morris Road Dallas, Oregon 97338

Namaste Vineyards: 5600 Van Well Rd, Dallas, OR 97338

Van Duzer Winery: 11975 Smithfield Rd, Dallas, OR 97338

Near the route

Chateau Bianca / Wetzel Estate: 17485 Highway 22 Dallas, Oregon 97338

Eola Hills Winery

Johan Vineyards

Left Coast Estate