Old Peak Road vs Woods Creek Road

The C2C route requires climbing over the shoulder of Marys Peak either via Old Peak Road or Woods Creek Road. The latter requires riding on Highway 20 for nearly 2 miles, often with heavy traffic and an insufficient or nonexistent shoulder. Old Peak Road involves a steeper climb (238' per mile over 4.7 miles) than Woods Creek Road (165' per mile over 6 miles). Personally, I think the harder climb is worth avoiding the dangerous highway. I polled the members of the Mid-Valley Gravel Grinders Facebook group, and most of them concurred (see comments below).

Opinions of Mid-Valley Gravel Grinders Facebook group members

Question posted to group members: "For those who have done both, what are your opinions?"


(1) Old Peak x100!

(2) Old Peak road for sure. Not only is Hwy 20 no fun (especially at the bridge), but Woods Creek Road can get pretty busy on week nights and weekends.

(3) Old Peak Road!

(4) Another vote for Old Peak Road. Though the climb is steeper, the surroundings are much quieter, calmer and less stressful than riding on the highway.

(5) It's only that corner by the Woods Creek Road turnoff that really stinks, but I always take Old Peak Road. Paved for a couple miles, and nary a vehicle after.

(6) Agree with all the above. And, for what it's worth, Woods Creek Road is my favorite long climb around because it never gets too steep. It’s a really steady climb to settle in on. Old Peak Road has a few pretty steep pitches. I'd also suggest that Henkel Way to the top of Old Peak Road before the gate is better than going up the paved and loose gravel of Old Peak Road.