Lobster Valley

Starting locations

Good places to start a ride are:

    • Five Rivers Launch - At the intersection of Hwy 34 and Five Rivers Road (see map); a 1 hour drive from downtown Corvallis.

    • A parking area on Alsea-Deadwood Hwy about .8 mile north of the intersection with Lobster Valley Road and Hazel Glen Road (see map); a 50 minute drive from downtown Corvallis.

Suggested route: Lobster Valley / Five Rivers Loop (36 miles; 2300' of climbing)

This route begins at the "Five Rivers Launch" just off of Highway 34 (Google Maps location) which is 43 miles and 1 hour southwest of Corvallis (Ride with GPS route). It is a mostly paved route with a gravel section between approximately mile 13 to mile 18 as it climbs over Denzer Ridge. Places of note along the way include:

  • Paris: This was the location of a sawmill (the ruins are still visible) and a post office that was in existence from 1909 to 1933.

  • Fisher: This is the location of a former school and a covered bridge built in 1919. The post office here was open from 1892 to 1942.

Lobster Valley Loop (from Alsea Deadwood Hwy) [37 miles; +2750] https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41652515

Fisher to Yachats

It is possible to ride from Fisher to Yachats (on the coast) via this route.

Prairie Mountain