Lobster Valley

About Lobster Valley

Lobster Valley is one of two adjacent river valleys in a remote area southwest of the town of Alsea. The name "Lobster Valley" likely refers to the crayfish that are plentiful in the creeks and rivers in the area. The other valley is known as Five Rivers, which is named for 5 of its tributaries (Alder, Cougar, Buck, Crab, and Cherry creeks). 

Both of these scenic valleys feature paved roads with no major hills and very little vehicle traffic, making them very attractive for bicycling. A loop route is possible via about 7 miles of gravel road. 

Two historical settlements are located on Five Rivers Road. Fisher features an old school building and a covered bridge that was built in 1919. Paris is the site of the ruins of a large sawmill.


Four routes are described below: A loop route, two "out-and-back" routes, and a route from Lobster Valley to the Coast.


Places to park include:

Loop Route

Lobster Valley / Five Rivers Loop (36 miles; 2300' of climbing; 17% unpaved). This is a mostly paved route that travels through two river valleys for 29 miles. They valleys are connected on one end by 7 miles of gravel road that climbs over a ridge.  

Out-and-back on Lobster Valley Road

Lobster Valley Road (31 miles; +1285; 100% paved)

Out-and-back on Five Rivers Road

Five Rivers Road (30 miles; +1335'; 100% paved)

Lobster Valley to Yachats (on the Coast)

It is possible to ride from Fisher to Yachats via this route.