Starker Forests

Upper Marys River Tree Farm (#69)

About the Upper Marys River Tree Farm

This Starker Forests tree farm is located in the triangle between Blodgett, Summit, and Fort Hoskins. Adjacent Starker tree farms include Eisele Summit (to the west) and Tum Tum (to the south).


(1) Official Starker Forests map

(2) Other maps

(3) Access

(4) Routes

(1) Official Starker Forests map

The official Starker Forest map is below. You can either: (A) Download a high resolution image for printing or (B) download a version for offline smartphone navigation on the Maprika app.

69 - Upper Marys River Tree Farm.jpg

(2) Other maps

A map I created that includes this tree farm can be viewed below as well as on the page for the Upper Marys River Area.

Upper Marys River Area (2022).png

(3) Access

Access to this area is available from Hoskins Road (from the north), Norton Creek Road, Devitt Road, Grover Road, and Lilly Creek Road (from the south), Alexander Road (from the east), and Long Road (from the west).

Good places to start a route include: Blodgett, Summit, and Foot Hoskins.

UMR - Manning Loop via Shingle Creek - 24.4 miles · +2,321 ft

UMR TF from Blodgett 03 - 27 miles, +1865'

UMR TF from Blodgett 01 - 25.4 miles · +1,926'

UMR TF from Blodgett 02 - 21.4 miles · +1,414'

All About Marys v1 (Ft Hoskins to Summit)

21.4 miles · +1,530 ft

All About Marys v2 (Ft Hoskins to Goat Knob)

20.2 miles · +1,752 ft

Goat Knob

19 miles · +1,773 ft