Alsea Falls Gravel Loop

About the Alsea Falls Gravel Loop

This route begins at the Alsea Falls Recreation Site and forms a loop using Hull Oakes Road and Miller Road. It features beautiful forest scenery, a dramatic viewpoint, and the magical South Fork of the Alsea River (particularly when the salmon are spawning).

Essential information

Starting location: Alsea Falls Recreation Site (see location)

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 29 miles; 39 minutes

RWGPS Route: 12 miles, +1000'; 81% unpaved

Notes: Be aware of a tricky intersection where the Alsea Backcountry Byway meets Hull Oakes Road (see details below).

Alsea Falls Gravel Loop.jpg

Places on the route

Alsea Backcountry Byway. See: Alsea Backcountry Byway (by Grant McOmie for Travel Oregon)

Alsea Falls Area

South Fork of the Alsea River (see video of salmon spawning in the river)

Beware of this intersection

This intersection is where the Alsea Backcountry Byway meets Hull Oakes Road. You will want to make sure you turn onto the actual Hull Oakes Road, and not the road that climbs 800' to South Mountain Road. This intersection is a good example of...

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