Ervin-Decker Lollipop

About the Ervin-Decker Lollipop

This lollipop route heads down Fern Road and forms a clockwise loop using Ervin Road and Decker Road, passing by Hiatt Farm on the return. The route is 18 miles, with 1170' of climbing, and is 29% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Philomath. Public parking is available on the streets of Philomath, at Marys River Park, and at Philomath City Park.

RWGPS route map: 18 miles; +1170+; 29% unpaved

Ervin-Decker square map.png

Locations on this route

Hiatt Farm (at 30699 Peterson Road) is a family owned bakery that offers a variety of local produce and savory and sweet baked goods. It has outdoor seating and is a great place to take a break on this route. It is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday seasonally, and is closed in the winter beginning in mid-December.

Independent Community Center (see location)


Alternative starting location and route extensions

Alternative starting location: Independent Community Center (at 31615 Fern Road). There are no signs prohibiting parking, but it is not guaranteed this is an appropriate place to park. Starting here would result in an 11 mile route with about 1000' of climbing.

Route extensions: Possible ways to extend this route include: Invale Farm, Greasy Creek Trail, and Beaver Creek Road.

(1) Invale Farm is an equestrian center with a scenic view of the mountains to the north. At mile 3.8 on this route, turn right on Airport Road and head west for 0.6 miles and turn right on Sexton Road. This is a 1.8 mile out-and-back with minimal climbing.

(2) Greasy Creek Trail is a short and scenic double-track on Starker Forests' Evergreen Tree Farm. At mile 7.3 on this route, turn right on Decker Road and head west for 0.4 miles. This is a 2.1 mile out-and-back with minimal climbing. This trail is featured on the Evergreen Evacuation Route.

(3) Beaver Creek Road. At mile 10.7 on this route, Beaver Creek Road heads south through a valley for 1.2 miles before starting its climb up Flat Mountain. An easy 2.4 mile out-and-back jaunt is recommended.