Kiger Island

About Kiger Island

Kiger Island is a rural area immediately south of Corvallis. It is formed by the Willamette River and back channels of the river. There is only one road onto the island, and as a result there isn't much traffic. This route is essentially an out-and-back with a loop in the middle. The route is 8 miles with minimal climbing and is 17% unpaved. Because this route is relatively short, you may want to combine it with Herbert Farm, which would add 4 more miles.

Essential information

Starting location: Deschutes Avenue (see map). Parking is available on the street.

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 2.7 miles; 5 minutes

RWGPS route map: 8 miles; +80'; 17% unpaved

Kiger Island & Herbert Farm.png