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Big Elk to Toledo Loop Routes


This clockwise loop travels from Big Elk Campground to Toledo via Hilltop and 1000 Line Road and returns via Elk City Road and Harlan Road. 


Ride with GPS route 

Distance and elevation gain: 51 miles; 3100' of climbing. 

Directions: Travel east on Harlan Road for 0.6 miles. Turn south on Grant Creek Road (NF-3109) for 0.2 miles. Turn west on Hilltop Road (NF-31) (mile mark 0) and travel 12.9 miles to 3-way intersection. Turn north on 1000 Line Road and travel 5.2 miles. Turn right on South Bay Road and travel 1.2 miles. Turn left on Butler Bridge Road and travel ~1 mile to Toledo. From Toledo, head east on Elk City Road for 9 miles to Elk City. Then travel east on Harlan Road for 19 miles.

Optional Gopher Loops: Between mile mark 4.7 and mile mark 10.5 on NF-31 are possible alternative routes using Bull Run Road, Gopher Ridge Road, 1000 Line Road, and Gopher Creek Road. See the descriptions here: Gopher Loops.

Optional extension to Newport: The route can be extended via and out-and-back to Newport on South Bay Road. The total distance and elevation gain of this option is 79 miles with 4100' of climbing. See Ride with GPS Route.

Camping & lodging

Camping is available at Big Elk Campground (location map), Elk City Campground (location map), and dispersed camping in the Siuslaw National Forest. Lodging is available in Newport

Big Elk to Toledo via Harlan Road

Big Elk to Toledo via 1000 Line Road (one way)

Big Elk to Toledo Loop (via Harlan & Hilltop)