Harris Road - Out & Back

About Harris Road

Harris Road travels about 7 miles between the settlement of Wren and Tum Tum Road near the settlement of Blodgett. It generally follows the course of the Marys River and is scenic and not very difficult as there are no major climbs. The first 1.5 miles is paved. Attractions along the route include Harris Bridge Vineyards (at mile 2.4) and "Feuerstein's Castle" (a unique private home at mile 7.2).

This is an "out-and-back" route from Wren to Tum Tum Road. It is a 15 mile round-trip, with about 1000' of climbing, and is 80% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Wren ODOT Park and Ride Lot - Located at the intersection of Hwy 20 and Kings Valley Hwy (see location)

Distance & drive time from downtown Corvallis: 11 miles; 17 minutes (see route)

Harris Road - Out & Back

Description: This route begins at the ODOT Park and Ride Lot in Wren and travels 7.5 miles to Tum Tum Road before returning by the same route.

RWGPS route map: 15 miles, +1000'; 80% unpaved

Places on the route

Harris Bridge Vineyards (at mile 2.4)

Harris Covered Bridge (built in 1929) (see location) (at mile 2.5)

"Feuerstein's Castle" (a unique private home at mile 7.2) (see location)

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