EE Wilson Wildlife Area

About the area

The E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area is located about 10 miles north of Corvallis near Adair Village. It is the former site of Camp Adair, a WWII era military base. Following the war, the US Government gave the land to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The area features a grid of paved and gravel roads (closed to vehicles), trails, and a variety of Willamette Valley habitat types, including ponds and marshy areas. The area is mostly flat and offers many miles of easy and pleasant bicycling. The area is bisected into northern and southern halves by Camp Adair Road. The northern section features a memorial to the soldiers who served at Camp Adair, a pheasant viewing area, and a fishing pond. Parking along Camp Adair Road requires a permit. A free parking area is described below. Public access is allowed between 4am and 10pm.

Free parking

Free parking can be found along Adair Frontage Road just north of Adair Village and entry to the wildlife area is located here.

Hunting season

The dates for hunting at EE Wilson the general big game and game bird regulations with additional dates listed for pheasant and rabbit. I believe it would be a good idea to avoid EE Wilson from September 1 to the end of January. It is a popular place for upland bird hunting, and that season duns from September 1 to the end of January. Spring Turkey season runs from Mid-April to the end of May. I am not sure if that should be avoided.

General big game and game bird seasons:

Additional EE Wilson hunting dates: