Big Elk to Newport via Harlan Road

About this route

This is the easiest route from Big Elk Campground to Newport, with no significant climbing. Harlan Road follows Big Elk Creek for 19 unpaved miles from Big Elk to Elk City. Elk City Road continues for 9 paved miles to Toledo. The remaining 13 miles of paved road follow the shores of Yaquina Bay to Newport.

Details - One-way

Ride with GPS route: 43 miles; +1400; 44% unpaved

Details - Round trip

Ride with GPS route: 86 miles; +2950'; 44% unpaved

Camping & lodging

Camping is available at Big Elk Campground (location map), Elk City Campground (location map), South Beach State Park (location map), and dispersed camping in the Siuslaw National Forest. Lodging is available in Newport

Harlan Road

Harlan Road

Harlan Road & Big Elk Creek

Harlan Road

Foot Bridge over Big Elk Creek

Harlan Road & Big Elk Creek

Harlan Road

Hills on Harlan Road

Big Elk Creek

Elk City Park & Yaquina River

Yaquina Bay Road

Toledo bayfront

Newport bayfront

Newport harbor

Yaquina Bay South Jetty road

 South Beach State Park

 South Beach State Park

Yaquina Bay Bridge