(maps for offline smartphone navigation)

About Maprika

Maprika is a smartphone app that includes a repository of geotagged digital maps that can be used for offline navigation. You can search for available maps as well as upload and geotag your own maps. Everything is free. Instructions for getting started with Maprika and information about available maps (including ones that I created) are below.

Contents of this page

  • (1) Getting started with Maprika

  • (2) My maps on Maprika

  • (3) Starker Forests maps

  • (4) Other maps for our area on Maprika

  • (5) How to upload your own maps to Maprika

  • (6) Similar apps

(1) Getting started with Maprika

Download the Maprika app to your smartphone [Android or Apple iOS]. You can search for maps within the app by name or by browsing the overview map and download them for future use. You can also search for maps on the Maprika website, but you will need the smartphone app to download them.

(2) My maps on Maprika

Here are maps I have uploaded to Maprika. Links are provided to preview the map on the MVBB website and to download the map to the Maprika app on your smartphone. Before using my maps on Maprika, please review Maprika's Terms of Service as well as my own Terms of Use. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the maps.

(3) Starker Forests maps on Maprika

I am in the process of uploading and geotagging the maps listed below to Maprika. You can use the available links to download the map to the Maprika app on your smartphone.

(1) Alder Creek [to be uploaded & geotagged]: This farm is located west and southwest of McCulloch Peak. It includes the Skillings Road route to McCulloch Peak as well as several mountain bike trails.

(3) Alexander School [to be uploaded & geotagged]: South of Fort Hoskins

(15) Bunker Hill [to be uploaded & geotagged]: Northwest of Bellfountain.

(17) Burnt Woods [download to smartphone]: Around Clem Road north of Burnt Woods.

(23) Eisele [download to smartphone]: South of Summit and northeast of Burnt Woods.

(25) Evergreen [to be uploaded & geotagged]: Off of Evergreen Road south of Philomath.

(45) North Fork Alsea [to be uploaded & geotagged]: North of Alsea

(57) Shotpouch [to be uploaded & geotagged]: Southeast of Burnt Woods

(59) Soap Creek [to be uploaded & geotagged]: South of Dunn Forest and west of Soap Creek Road. There are no parking areas at the entrances to this tree farm.

(67) Tum Tum [to be uploaded & geotagged]: On the shoulder of Marys Peak above Blodgett. This is the location of several mountain bike trails and the annual Mudslinger Mountain Bike Race.

(69) Upper Marys River [download to smartphone]: Between Summit & Fort Hoskins.

(71) Vonsild [to be uploaded & geotagged]. On the shoulder of Marys Peak west of Philomath.

(86) Reese Creek [to be uploaded & geotagged]: West of Bellfountain.

(4) Other maps on Maprika for our area

There are many maps on Maprika of our area. You can find them by browsing the overview map within the app or on the website. Here is a link to a list of maps in Oregon. Below, I will list some recommended maps. You can use the links to download the map to the Maprika app on your smartphone.

(5) How to upload your own maps to Maprika

Uploading and geotagging your own maps is free and easy. All you need is an image file (e.g., jpeg, png) of your map. Here are instructions.

(6) Similar apps

I am aware of two similar apps: Avenza Maps and Maplets.