Biking the Eastern Half of the C2C

(Corvallis to Big Elk Campground)

Biking the eastern half of the C2C

The eastern half of the Corvallis to the Sea (C2C) hiking trail travels between Corvallis and Big Elk Campground. Two segments of the trail are closed to bicycles between the middle of October through the Middle of May. One of these segments (the North Ridge Extension Trail) is easily bypassed on Woods Creek Road. The other segment (the Sugarbowl Creek Trail) requires an 8 mile detour. As a result, the best time of year to bicycle the eastern half of the C2C route is between Mid-May to Mid-October. 

The primary C2C bicycle route departs Philomath and climbs to the Woods Creek Trailhead via Old Peak Road. About four miles of this route are gated at both ends and require a free permit from Starker Forests

Two alternate routes are possible. The first heads west from Philomath on Hwy 20 and climbs to the Woods Creek Trailhead via Woods Creek Road. Another alternative is to depart Corvallis via the Cardwell Hill Wagon Road and take Harris Road to Tum Tum Road.

All of these routes climb over the north shoulder of Marys Peak and converge one mile west of Woods Creek Trailhead where Woods Creek Road meets Tum Tum Road. After the convergence, there is a singular route to Big Elk Campground.


Information about bicycle routes can be found here: Corvallis to Big Elk.  

Woods Creek Road heading west

At the top of the Sugarbowl Creek Segment (C2C Trail)

 Sugarbowl Creek Segment (C2C Trail)

 Sugarbowl Creek Segment (C2C Trail)

 Marys Peak Road just east of Harlan

Western Half C2C Bicycle Routes

Follow the link above for routes from Big Elk Campground to Ona Beach, Newport, or Waldport.