Biking the Western Half of C2C

(Big Elk Campground to the Coast)

Biking the western half of the C2C

The western half of the Corvallis to the Sea (C2C) hiking trail travels between Big Elk Campground and Ona Beach. Some segments of the trail are reserved for hikers only. The primary bicycle route recommended by the (C2C) Trail Partnership follows these segments as closely as possible on adjacent low traffic roads. Several variations from the primary C2C bicycle route are possible, and final destinations can include Newport and Waldport.


More details about bicycle routes can be found here: Middle Tier - West.

Grant Creek Road near Big Elk Campground

Beginning the climb on Hilltop Road

Near the summit of Hilltop Road

On Hilltop Road, looking east toward Marys Peak

1000 Line Road

Beaver Creek Road

Beaver Creek at Ona Beach

Eastern Half C2C Bicycle Routes

Follow the link above for routes from Corvallis to Big Elk Campground.