Flat Mountain - Green Peak Loop

About the Flat Mountain - Green Peak Loop

This route skirts the south side of Flat Mountain and the west side of Green Peak. Highlights include scenic vistas and the Flat Mountain Grade ("The Grade"), which was the route of a logging railroad that existed some time in the early 20th century. The route is 23 miles, with 2465' of climbing, and is 86% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Bellfountain County Park (see location)

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 18 miles; 25 minutes

RWGPS route map: 23 miles; +2465'; 86% unpaved

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for Bunker Hill Tree Farm) (free). See information below about the Beaver Creek Tree Farm.

Flat Mountain - Green Peak Loop.png

Beaver Creek Tree Farm

This Starker Forests tree farm is located on Flat Mountain. Starker reserves recreation permits for this tree farm for members of the Flat Mountain Riders motocross group. You can use the BLM roads (including "The Grade" and Beaver Creek Road) but not the motocross trails on the tree farm.