Useful information


Bicycle clubs

Closures & restrictions

  • This page lists seasonal and nighttime closures and restrictions on electric bikes.

Daylight - Sunrise & Sunset

  • This page may be useful in the winter when the days are short to identify the part of the day that is most useful for riding.

Driving & parking

  • Driving distances and times (from downtown Corvallis) and suggested locations for parking.

Electric Bikes

  • Local rules and restrictions

Fire season: Restrictions and closures

  • Fire season in Oregon typically spans between early July to early to mid-October. Some of the routes on this website pass through public and private lands subject to fire season restrictions and closures.


  • Historical information for our area.

Hunting season

  • Information about hunting seasons in Oregon. Most of the big game hunting occurs between September and November.

Government agencies

Laws and rules

  • Trespassing: Information about how to avoid trespassing in the backcountry.


  • Information about maps for our area.


  • Maprika: A smartphone app that includes a repository of geotagged digital maps that can be used for offline navigation. I have been geotagging maps of our area, including some of my own maps, and uploading them to Maprika.

Organizations, blogs, and magazines


  • State, county, city, and private parks.

Private timberlands

  • Private timber companies own thousands of acres in our area, and much of it is open on a limited basis for recreational use.

  • Starker Forests is a major landowner and requires a free annual permit.

Public transportation

  • Information about public bus and taxi service.

Recreational passes

Travel Management Areas