Sasquatch & Seekseekqua

About Sasquatch & Seekseekqua

This route begins at Sarah Helmick State Park and explores the gravel roads between Buena Vista and Independence. It features spectacular views of Seekseekqua (aka Mt. Jefferson) on a clear day, views of the river at Buena Vista, a stop in downtown Independence, and a visit to Sasquatch at the Buena Vista Bike Hub and Info Center (see more information below). The route is 26 miles with 1240' of climbing, and is 34% unpaved. 

Essential information

Starting location: Sarah Helmick State Park (see location)  

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 16 miles; 22 minutes (see route)

RWGPS route map [26 miles; +1240'; 34% unpaved]

For more than 20 years, Sasquatch has welcomed bicyclists to the Buena Visa Bike Hub and Info Center (at the corner of Buena Vista Road and Prather Road). The center has a bike pump and bike tools.