West Hills of Corvallis

About the west hills of Corvallis

This area begins on the western edge of Corvallis, just beyond the Benton County Fairgrounds. It consists of a patchwork of public-owned parklands and private land conservation areas, including:

Brief descriptions of these areas

Bald Hill Natural Area (City of Corvallis): A paved bike path skirts the east side of this area. Most of the trails on Bald Hill are most appropriate for hiking. However, the Oak Savannah Trail provides a cool little "cut through" from the paved bike path to a neighborhood to the west of Bald Hill.   

Bald Hill Farm / Mulkey Ridge Trail (Greenbelt Land Trust): There are several bikeable trails on Bald Hill Farm, including the Mulkey Creek and Mulkey Ridge trails, which traverses the farm and climb over 600' for 3 miles from the Oak Creek Trailhead to Fitton Green. (Note: Bikes are prohibited on the Mulkey Ridge Trail between 10/31 and 4/15). Here is a story map of Bald Hill Farm.

Fitton Green Natural Area (Benton County): This park sits at an elevation of more than 1000', which is at least 700' above the surrounding area. It has a large open meadow that affords dramatic views of Philomath to the south, Marys Peak to the west, and (on a clear day) the Cascade Mountains to the east. A trail to the north connects Fitton Green with Cardwell Hill Drive and the Crestmont Land Trust.

Cardwell Hill Wagon Road (Benton County) (Ride with GPS route): This is an old stagecoach route that climbs over the hill between Corvallis and Kings Valley. In about 1.5 miles it climbs over 500' with grades often in the 10-15% range. The road is about 5 miles long, and the middle 2.5 miles is closed to motor vehicles. This is one of the ways to begin a ride from Corvallis to the Coast. 

Crestmont Land Trust: This is on the west side of this area. Much of it is on steep hill sides, although there are some less steep areas, and there is a nice trail that affords good views of the Marys River. Here is a route in the Crestmont Land Trust.


There are a number of possibilities for rides in this area.  

Bald Hill to Fitton Green Loop (Ride with GPS route): This is a 8 mile loop with about 1200' of climbing. It goes from the Oak Creek Trailhead to Fitton Green, following the Mulkey Ridge Trail and returning via Panorama Drive and Wynoochee Drive. (Note: Bikes are prohibited on the Mulkey Ridge Trail between 10/31 and 4/15). 

Cardwell Hill Drive (Benton County) (Ride with GPS route): This route is simply a climb over Cardwell Hill. It is about 5 miles and nearly 800' of climbing one way.

Cardwell Hill & Harris Road

Mulkey Ridge to Fitton Green

Benton County's map of the area