Tum Tum Tree Farm

About the Tum Tum Tree Farm

This Starker Forests' tree farm lies between Hwy 20 and Marys Peak near the settlement of Blodgett. Tum Tum Road heads south from Blodgett as it climbs the shoulder of Marys Peak, separating this tree farm into eastern and western halves.

The eastern half lies generally south of Harris Road and the Marys River. It features a network of roads and trails that serve as the location of an annual mountain bike race known as Mudslinger (see below). The western half features a road that heads northwest, providing a connection to routes in the Burnt Woods area (including on Starker's Eisele Summit Tree Farm).

The tree farm is named for the Tum Tum River which begins in the hills to the northwest of Burnt Woods and heads east before flowing into the Marys River just south of Blodgett. The name of the river is derived from the Chinook word for heartbeat. More information about this tree farm is available here.

Essential information

Starting location: Blodgett Road (see location). Parking may be available on the broad shoulder of Old Blodgett Road across from the Blodgett Community Church. There are no signs prohibiting public parking. No guarantee is provided regarding the legality and safety of this parking location.

Distance & drive time from downtown Corvallis (see route): 17 miles; 22 minutes

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for Tum Tum Tree Farm) (free)

Seasonal considerations: The Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike Race is held here annually in April (in 2023, the date is 4/1). 


Two routes are presented below.

Tum Tum Tree Farm v1

RWGPS route map: 22.4 miles; +2142'; 94% unpaved

Seasonal considerations: In the winter, mile 18.3 to 19.1 (along the river) is often muddy. Consider using the route below instead.

Tum Tum Tree Farm v2

RWGPS route map: 19.4 miles; +2019'; 93% unpaved

Tum Tum Tree Farm Map