Wren to Wren

About Wren to Wren

This is a 36 mile loop that begins with Harris Road and continues in a clockwise direction, heading north through Starker Forests' Upper Marys River Tree Farm and returning via a route that goes by Fort Hoskins.

Essential information

Starting location: Wren ODOT Park and Ride Lot - Located at the intersection of Hwy 20 and Kings Valley Hwy (see location)

Distance & drive time from downtown Corvallis: 11 miles; 17 minutes (see route)

RWGPS route map: 36 miles, +2500'; 81% unpaved

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for Upper Marys River Tree Farm) (free)

Options: If you omit the loop that begins at mile 15.1, subtract subtract 9 miles and 500' of climbing.

Places on the route

Harris Bridge Vineyards

Harris Covered Bridge (built in 1929) (see location)

"Feuerstein's Castle": A unique private home on Harris Road, near Blodgett (see location)

Blodgett Country Store

Fort Hoskins

Related or similar routes

Harris Road (out-and-back): 15 miles, +1000'; 80% unpaved

Tum Tum Lollipop v1: 21 miles, +1400'; 85% unpaved

Tum Tum Lollipop v2: 26 miles; +1800'; 89% unpaved

Tum Tum-Vonsild Lollipop: 13 miles, +800'; 79% unpaved

Tum Tum-Vonsild Double Lollipop: 26 miles; +1800'; 89% unpaved