Corvallis to the Coast

on the Southern Tier

Routes from the Corvallis to the Coast

All of the routes from Corvallis to the Coast pass through the town of Alsea. The recommended route from Corvallis to Alsea is to take Bellfountain Road (paved) to Hull-Oakes Road (unpaved) to the Alsea Backcountry Byway (paved). An alternative is to omit Hull-Oakes Road.

From Alsea the recommended route follows the Alsea-Deadwood Highway (paved with relatively low traffic), heads west of Lobster Valley Road (paved), and turns south on Five Rivers Road (paved). At the settlement of Fisher, the route follows Buck Creek Road (unpaved), jogs to the south for a short distance on NF-58 (unpaved), and then follows NF-54 (unpaved) to Yachats River Road (paved). You can get to Waldport via NF-5360 (Eckman Creek Road) (unpaved) or via Highway 101.

Loop Routes spanning the Southern Tier and Middle Tier

Large loop routes are possible by combining Southern Tier routes (described above) with Middle Tier routes. Here is an example. This is the route the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club used in 2019 for their Coast Range Gravel Adventure, a 4 day bikepacking tour. In 2020, this route was modified slightly when the riders camped at Blackberry Campground, rather than Salmonberry, and travelled to Alsea using Lobster Valley Road and the Alsea-Deadwood Highway. Here is the 2020 route.