Sauerkraut (from Sarah Helmick State Park)

About Sauerkraut from Sarah Helmick State Park

This "lollipop" loop route begins at Sarah Helmick State Park and features two gravel roads: Simpson and Sauerkraut. The route is surrounded by farmland and consists of relative flat sections, rolling hills, and one significant hill climb on Sauerkraut Road to a dramatic view of the surrounding area. The route is 17 miles, with 600’ of climbing, and is 76% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Sarah Helmick State Park (see location)  

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 16 miles; 22 minutes (see route)

RWGPS route map [17 miles; +600’; 76% unpaved]

Optional route: Bike Indy is a bicycle organization based in Independence that promotes bicycle routes and events in the area. They have published a very nice route beginning in Independence that includes the Sauerkraut loop. It is 32 miles (52% unpaved), with 1200' of climbing. 

Related routes: Sauerkraut from Adair Village.

More information: A huge Christmas Tree Fam surrounds much of Sauerkraut Road (Noble Mountain's Sauerkraut Farm). Other crops often grown in the area include Meadowfoam (used to make oil, often for cosmetics and hair products) and Clary Sage (used to make an essential oil, which can be used in tea or for aromatherapy).