Evergreen Evacuation Route

About the Evergreen Evacuation Route

This route explores the big hill immediately south of the town of Philomath and features great views, a trail along a scenic creek, and a seasonally available stop for food and drink at Hiatt Farm. It is 17.5 miles, with 1350' of climbing, and is 49% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Philomath. Public parking is available on city streets, at Marys River Park, and at Philomath City Park.

RWGPS route map [17.5 miles; +1320'; 49% unpaved]

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for the Evergreen Tree Farm) (free)

Evergreen Evacuation Route square map.png

Places on the route

Hiatt Farm (see map) is a family owned bakery that offers a variety of local produce and savory and sweet baked goods. It has outdoor seating and is a great place to take a break on this route. It is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday seasonally, and is closed in the winter beginning in mid-December.

Independent Community Center (see map)

Pioneer Village (neighborhood)

Starker Forests - Evergreen Tree Farm

Ride with GPS route map

Additional route options

The route can be extended by exploring other backroads to the south, including Beaver Creek Road., Henderson Road, Neuman Road, and Starr Creek Road. You can also further explore the roads and trails on Starker Forests' Evergreen Tree Farm.

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