Airport Landing

About the Airport Landing route

This route begins in Philomath and heads south on Fern Road before making a clockwise loop featuring a single track trail along Greasy Creek, a steep climb up the "evacuation route" through Starker Forests' Evergreen Tree Farm, and a fast decent down a long strait section of Airport Road (which I've dubbed "the Airport Landing"). The route is 16 miles, with 1175' of climbing, and is 52% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Philomath. Public parking is available on the streets of Philomath, at Marys River Park, and at Philomath City Park.

RWGPS route: 16 miles; +1175'; 52% unpaved

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for the Evergreen Tree Farm) (free)

Airport Landing square map.png

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