Routes in Southern Benton County

Routes by starting location

Alsea is an unincorporated community located about 24 miles southwest of Corvallis on Highway 34. It has a small grocery store (John Boy's Mercantile) and a restaurant (Deb's Cafe). There are no gas stations. Parking is available along Main Street.

xAlsea Backcountry Byway

19 miles; +1150'; 100% paved

South Mountain Road

19 miles; +1650'; 29% unpaved

xAlsea to Salmonberry Park

17 miles; +1300'; 69% unpaved

This recreation site features dramatic waterfalls, hiking trails, a campground, and some of the best mountain biking in our area. It is on the Alsea Backcountry Byway, about halfway between the towns of Alsea and Alpine (see Google map). In addition to the routes below, the following routes described as starting in the town of Alsea, could alternatively start at Alsea Falls: Alsea Backcountry Byway and South Mountain Road.

Alsea Falls Gravel Loop

12 miles; +1000'; 81% unpaved

Alsea Falls Mountain Biking Area

Distance & elevation gain varies

Bellfountain Park is 17 miles south of Corvallis and about 4 miles northwest of the town of Monroe, and is a a Benton County park.

Bellfountain Gravel Loop

20 miles; + 1200'; 59% unpaved

Bellfountain Park to Alsea Falls

24 miles; +2000'; 73% unpaved

Flat Mountain - Green Peak Loop

23 miles; +2465'; 86% unpaved

Bellfountain Park to The Grade

28 miles; +2760'; 89% unpaved

This is a parking area at on the southern edge of Finley National Wildlife Refuge.

Finley Refuge Route

15 miles; +765; 62% unpaved

Hells Beaver 1

30 miles; +1360; 61% unpaved

Hells Beaver 2

35 miles; +1870; 66% unpaved

Finley Refuge to Irish Bend

21 miles; +470; 66% unpaved

Deschutes Avenue is a street at the far south end of Corvallis (see map). Parking is available on the street. There are two places for food and drink at the north end of the street: Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room and 4 Spirits Distillery. Because the two routes below are relatively short, consider combining them.

Herbert Farm

4 miles; +25'; 62% unpaved

Kiger Island

8 miles; +80'; 17% unpaved

"The Grade" is a 13 mile loop road that encircles the top of Flat Mountain (2720') at an elevation varying between about 1500' to 2400.' Other routes that use part of The Grade are Flat Mountain - Green Peak Loop, Bellfountain Park to The Grade, and Hells Beaver 2.

The Flat Mountain Grade

13.2 miles; +1,547 ft; 100% unpaved

Philomath is a small town 5 miles west of Corvallis. Public parking is available on city streets, at Marys River Park, and at Philomath City Park.

Airport Landing

16 miles; +1175'; 52% unpaved

Airport Landing Double Loop

22 miles; +1670'; 42% unpaved

Ervin-Decker Lollipop

18 miles; +1170+; 29% unpaved

Evergreen Evacuation Route

17 miles; +1200'; 44% unpaved

Gellatly-Ervin Loop

20 miles; +1150'; 48% unpaved

Willamette Park is the City of Corvallis' largest park and lies immediately south of downtown Corvallis. It features a paved bicycle path and unpaved trails.

Willamette Park

Distance varies