Valsetz was a timber company town that was established in 1919 and had a population of over 1000 in the mid-20th century. It was decommissioned by the company and destroyed in 1984. Today, you can still see some of the towns streets, the foundations of buildings and houses, and the remains of a large reservoir known as Lake Valsetz. The 37 mile drive from downtown Corvallis takes about 75 minutes (see route).

Limitations on public access

All of the routes use roads owned by private timber companies, that are subject to limits on public access and fire season restrictions and closures. Please review the information at the link above. This area is most likely to be open between Mid-September and early July.

More information about Valsetz

Here are sources for more information about the former town:


Offbeat Oregon

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Oregon History Project

The Statesman Journal

Gazette Times

The Story of Valsetz (video documentary)

  • A very well done documentary about Valsetz made in 2011. More than 1 hour long and worth watching.

Moonstruck Exploring (video)

  • Very nice drone video of Valsetz and the surrounding area between the following minutes of this video: 6:24 to 8:30.

Remembering Valsetz (video)

  • A slideshow of historical photos set to the song "Remember Valsetz" written by Deborah Delaney in 2012.