Tum Tum Lollipop (from Wren) v2

About the Tum Tum Lollipop (from Wren) v2

This route begins in Wren, heads west on Harris Road, and completes a lollipop loop through Starker Forests Tum Tum Tree Farm. The route is 26 miles, with 1800' of climbing, and is 89% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Wren ODOT Park and Ride Lot - Located at the intersection of Hwy 20 and Kings Valley Hwy (see location)

Distance & drive time from downtown Corvallis: 11 miles; 17 minutes (see route)

RWGPS route map: 26 miles; +1800'; 89% unpaved

Permit needed: Starker Forests recreation permit (for Tum Tum Tree Farm)

Seasonal considerations: In winter, mile 17.5-18.5 (along the river) is often muddy. The Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike Race is held here annually in April (in 2023, the date is 4/1).

Places on the route

Harris Bridge Vineyards

Harris Covered Bridge (built in 1929) (see location)

"Feuerstein's Castle" (a unique private home) (see location)

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  • Tum Tum Tree Farm

    • v1: 22.4 miles; +2142'; 94% unpaved

    • v2: 19.4 miles; +2019'; 93% unpaved