Newport to Yachats - Ride the beach

You can ride all nearly all of the 26 miles from the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport to Yachats on the beach. Short detours are required in only two spots: around Seal Rock and at the Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport. It is possible to return by using public transportation on Monday through Saturday. Relevant information is provided below, including the route, tide tables, wind forecast, tsunami evacuation maps, public transit, and bike rentals.


(1) Ride with GPS Route

(2) Maps

(3) Tide tables

(4) Wind forecast

(5) Tsunami information

(6) Public transportation

(7) Bike rentals

(1) Ride with GPS route

Total miles: 26

Newport to Seal Rock: ~8 miles

Seal Rock to Waldport: ~8 miles

Waldport to Yachats: ~9 miles

(2) Maps

Below are annotated Tsunami Evacuation Maps showing the route. These are useful for showing where you can exit the beach. So far, I have mile 0 to 11. I will soon upload the remainder of the route.

Newport to Ona Beach

Mile 0 to 6

Ona Beach to Driftwood Beach

Mile 6 to 11

(3) Tide tables

It is a good idea to time your ride with the tides (e.g., starting the ride on an outgoing tide).

Newport - Southbeach


(4) Wind forecast

(5) Tsunami information / evacuation maps

Newport South

Seal Rock


Yachats North (San Marine)


Tsunami Evacuation Online Map - An interactive map from NANOOS (Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems) where you can access all of the evacuation zone maps for Oregon and Washington.

(6) Public transportation

Lincoln County Transit offers bus transportation between Newport and Yachats from Monday to Saturday (but not on Sunday). Bike racks are a first come, first served basis. Each bike rack can carry two, single seat bicycles on a first come, first serve basis. The bus cannot accommodate tricycles, tandem bicycles, or motor powered vehicles. South County allows deviated service pickups that are scheduled at least 30 minutes in advance and do not deviate more than 3/4 mile off the scheduled route to retain normal schedule. Please call (541) 265-4900 to schedule a deviated pickup.

South County Bus Schedule. As of 8/5/22, the schedule was as follows:

  • Southbound...

    • from Newport: 8:20am; 10:20am; 2:45pm; 5:25pm

    • from Seal Rock: 8:36am; 10:36am; 3:01pm; 5:40pm

    • from Waldport: 8:49am; 10:51am; 3:20pm; 6:00pm

  • Northbound...

    • from Yachats (Log Church): 7:00am; 9:20am; 1:45pm; 3:45pm

    • from Waldport (Ray's Market): 7:22am; 9:38am; 2:03pm; 4:03pm

    • from Seal Rock: 7:34am; 9:55am; 2:19pm; 4:15pm

(7) Bike rentals

Newport: Bike Newport (541-265-9917)

  • Hours: Tue - Fri 10am - 6pm; Sat 10am-5pm; Closed Sun-Mon

  • Fat bike rentals: $20 an hour and $50 for the day per bike.

Waldport: Green Bike Coop (541-563-7328)

  • Hours: 9-2 Monday to Friday; Closed on Saturday and Sunday

  • 320 NE Grant St. Waldport, OR 97394

  • Free bike share: The program works on the honor system. If a bike is tied up with a yellow rope, it is in use. If it is untied it is free to use. Anyone can use the bike as long as they need it and when finished they can return it to the Green Bike Co-Op shop in town or leave it in a public location.

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