About GaiaGPS

GaiaGPS consists of an online catalog of maps that can be viewed via their website and on smartphones (iPhone; Android). You can annotate these maps with your own routes, waypoints, and geotagged photos. With paid subscription, you can download your maps for offline navigation. The catalog of maps includes a variety of topographic maps, including Gaia's own topographic map and the classic USGS topographic maps, satellite imagery, layers indicating land ownership, and much more. For offline navigation on my iPhone I primarily rely on Gaia's own excellent topo map.

Uploading geotagged maps to GaiaGPS

Geotagging (aka georeferencing) is the process of adding data to a digital image of a map so that it can be used for offline navigation on a device (such as a smartphone). If you have a digital image of a map, you can geotag it an upload it for offline navigation within GaiaGPS. This requires using another program for geotagging called Map Warper.

I have geotagged several maps for offline viewing in GaiaGPS. See an example below. If you want to use the maps I geotagged on your GaiaGPS account, copy the URL shown below and enter the URL here.

Example map

Below is a geotagged version of Starker Forests' map of their Tum Tum Tree Farm that I imported into GaiaGPS for offline navigation on my iPhone. If I were on the tree farm at the time this screenshot was taken, a blue dot would indicate my location.

Starker Tum Tum imported to Gaia.PNG