Starker Forests

Eisele Summit Tree Farm (#23)

About the Eisele Summit Tree Farm

This Starker Forests tree farm lies between the settlements of Blodgett and Summit. It is one of the more interesting tree farms for backroad cyclists. It features both interesting routes within the tree farm as well as several ways to connect routes between other areas. Shroyer Ridge extends from west to east across the middle of the tree farm, offering outstanding views in many directions.

Other nearby Starker Tree Farms include: Burnt Woods (to the west), Tum Tum (to the south), and Upper Marys River (to the north).

See the links at the right to download a map of the tree farm. I have geotagged this map for offline smartphone navigation using the Maprika app.


Shroyer Ridge (from Underhill Gate)

Ride with GPS route

Distance and elevation gain: ~12 miles, +1200'

Percent unpaved: 99%

Description: This route features dramatic views from Shroyer Ridge and a scenic loop along the Marys River. The route begins at the Underhill Gate on Hwy 20 and climbs to Shroyer Ridge. It follows the ridge to the east, and descends to a scenic loop along the Marys River. It returns west along Shroyer Ridge and descends to Highway 20 at the West Underhill Gate. The remaining 0.4 miles is on the broad shoulder of Hwy 20.

Note: Requires Starker Forest permit for the Eisele Tree Farm.

Parking: There is parking for a couple of cars at the Underhill Gate on Hwy 20. Leave the Starker Permit on your dashboard and don't block the gate.