Bellfountain Gravel Loop

About the Bellfountain Gravel Loop

This route features the rolling hills and pastoral scenery of southern Benton County. It begins at Bellfountain County Park 25 minutes south of Corvallis. The route is 20 miles, with 1200' of climbing, and is 59% unpaved.

Essential information

Starting location: Bellfountain County Park (see location)

Distance & drive time (from downtown Corvallis): 18 miles; 25 minutes

RWGPS route: 20 miles, +1200'; 59% unpaved

Bellfountain Gravel Loop - Medium copy.png

Places on the route

Mile 0.0: Bellfountain County Park (see location)

Mile 3.7: Queen Bee Honey Company (not open to the public)

Mile 3.8: The town of Alpine

Mile 7.4: Glenbrook Log Pond, the site of a mill built and operated by the Alsea River Lumber Company, and the terminus of the Corvallis and Alsea River Railway line.

Mile 12.1: Paradise Springs Event Center

Mile 14.9: Sweet Earth Vineyards

Mile 19.3: The town of Bellfountain

Mile 19.3: Original Goat Yoga World Headquarters (see location)